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it was ok...

You could make the animation a little cleaner, and maybe add some more stuff going on. I liked the idea of it though, so keep up the work!


sistem69 responds:

Thanks ill improve the animation when i can.

so freakin funny!

way to make an awesome movie man! *blows up world*, oops! ROFL


CybermonkeyStudios responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it!

Great job!

That movie was really funny! :) Good luck with the passing grade!


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its a nice puzzle game, got stuck on this one level though.



Dude, this game is so much fun! I could spend days playing with this! It's really fun to push random and see what you get! Anyways, heres my song for the whole NG world to hear. I think this song is demo quality, but you be the judge!
6-9---2---1---3-989------8---8 -b-a---a---abababc---4---4--ba ---a---c---b-b-bbcb8---8---a--
8-a-------------------7-8-7-6a 1---1-8-a------

Nice Job! :)

A nice little recreation of the classic! I voted five, good luck with the score :)


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Really soothing, title is quite appropriate. Nice musicality throughout, and tasteful use of key change like gadogry mentioned. Only complaint is the abrupt ending. Some kind of ritard or cadenza would in my opinion complete the arrangement. Awesome overall, really chilled listen!

(PS, this with rainymood on in the background at low volume is neat.)

Nice knowledge of music theory AND production dude. Love dem fourth movements in the beginning and that major 5 chord at the end of the progression. Perty piano melody, well mixed, AND it loops perfectly. No complaints man, nice work!

Holy shit this is GREAT. Love the vibe present here, and the lack of quantization definitely helped the groove. Also, that simple, syncopated bass really keeps it flowing at a chilled pace throughout. Nice instruments, great chord progressions, and overall very well mixed. One of my most pleasurable head-bobbing experiences ever, keep it up dood!

durn responds:

Haha, thanks man. I'm very appreciative of the jamming I get to do with friends, as I find it helps build groove & rhythm more than playing solo. Glad to see you noticed the extra work I put into mastering on this one. :)

Composer, love to write music, love to play it, love to listen to it. Also video games are pretty cool.

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